The Bid is Accepted:  The Checkout

WEll after a frantic rush to turn in the bid, we managed to make it there with only minutes to spare.  Then a little sight seeing at Avesbury I learned the Vampire was mine.  Then the trouble really started.

76FL29:  The Bid Accepted

76FL29:  Left Side.  Notice the T-Bracket on the Roof Top

76FL29:  The Ladder and Antenna Yoke

76FL29:  Right Side.  Again Notice the Antenna Yoke on the Back

76FL29:  Left Side Door Open.
View of Bulkhead Separating Front and Rear.

View of the Bulkhead and Right Side Door.

View of the Bulkhead and Left Side.
Sliding Door Opens to the Driver's Compartment.

View of Rear Left Corner.
Gray box is a 220 AC Unit.

View of Rear Right Corner.
Air Exhaust Fan.

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