1999 4th of July Parade:  LittleCar & ENZO:

Now this is an American thing (Sorry UK Following.)  And since I grew up in a very uncommon American town, it makes the whole thing even stranger.  Every year my small Northern California town holds a 4th of July celebratory event, a 1960ís hippie throwback extravaganza that can only be described as a Macyís Day parade on Acid.  The spectacle is so grand that it has developed a devote following throughout the San Francisco bay area and even news organizations like CNN join us on rare occasion to document the event.  (The irony being that the town hates tourists so much that they routinely cut down the road signs leading into town, and stil each year more tourists come to the parade.)

Anyhow, For years my childhood friend Makoto and I have been mouthing off about how we should construct a float for the parade.  Now you must understand that this is usually all talk and as the conversation continues, inevitably someone brings up the fact that at least one of our dozen rovers would make an excellent float (usually Da.)  In the end since the discussion only occurs a few hours before the event, nothing much comes out of it all.  It is simply talk.

Well the year of 1999 was of course an exception in may ways.  First I made the mistake of mouthing off to Makoto a day early about the parade and then there was the ENZO Factor.  The ENZO Factor is a new element in both our families lives and it can only be described as a "Catalyst" for action.  Throw in Valentinoís Aeroplane, LittleCar, and a bit of welding and you got a float before you know it.  I do believe that Enzo can really fly.

Welding the Airplane Support:
Trailer hitch to spare tire mount.

Valentino's Aeroplane mounted in place.

Enzo with Makoto during a test flight.

Enzo with Dad

LittleCar with Vasco's clouds, waiting for the Parade

The Parade!

The Fearless Pilot!  ENZO!

Babies not Bombs!
So I'm a little afraid about what we'll do next year.