LittleCar's Big Wading Adventure:

El Niño is really a special time for us Californians.  We know rain, but only Noah knows rain like the El Niño of '98.  We don't see the little boy very often, like every 10 years or so, and we often forget what he is all about.  Then the little man comes and we remember with a startling shock:

Rain.  Then more rain.  Hard rain.  Soft rain.  Dark Rain.  Light Rain.  Cold Rain.  Wet rain.  Dark clammy, sticky, gray rain and then more. You get the picture.

After too many days of this I suddenly understood why the Eskimo are said to have 100 different names for snow.  There is one good thing about rain:  floods.  And when you've got a LandRover you don't need an ark.  Plug up them 2 rear frame holes!  Find the clutch plug!  Seal the distributor cap with nasty grease!  And go do a lot of damage (to the poor landie.)

Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area had something like 57 days of straight rain easily breaking the 100 year record.  Prior to this experience I had considered moving to Seattle, but not anymore.  In the Small Coastal town in which we live, mud slides and flooding abound.  The town water system broke a leak but the ground was so wet everywhere that it took the county two weeks to find it.

 Like two little kids, LittleCar and I found the biggest standing puddle I have ever seen and Played.  WE drove in...



We drove out....

And we had fun.  Find a big puddle with you landrover and play in it.