Welcome again to OldRover.com!

We are a father and son team of LandRover enthusiasts who decided to purchase a domain name for the hell of it.  (And because our cousin had a free domain server  --  thanks Wen!)

This is a relatively new site and the paint is still wet, so we apologize for the coarse format, spelling errors, etc..  Currently, we are under the content before form philosophy and growing like a weed.  Graphic Designers beware.  We love landrovers and own more than a few.  Da bought his first one in 1964 though the date falls into some contention and I fell prey to the obsession in 1986 when we purchased an abused but lovable LittleCar -- 1967 Series IIA.

We are not a business and do not plan to financially profit from this site.  Dad and I just love LandRovers and hope that we can provide a somewhat useful and humorous viewpoint on the subject.  We just want to share our madness with the world.  Our content will be restricted to "series rovers" and though some 110's and 90's might appear we will not include other LandRover marks  -- even though Dad just broke down and bought a cheap '89 RangeRover.

Good luck,  best wishes and enjoy.  Remember, its all just fun.

---Da and Roo

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