107 PickUp Truck:

1957? Series I 107" Pickup Truck

Now I happen to think that 107 Pick-up’s are really beautiful.  They are so square, their bed looks like an antique American pick up--long square, big.  The tops are wild like a caterpillar tractor and they are so rare in the States. When I was young in the sixties and I had my first Rover, I saw an add for one in a magazine.  It showed the truck, (the only rover that qualifies as a truck in my opinion in the States, a place of pick ups) in Oregon at a lumber mill being a truck. After my 88” station wagon in New York City I was amazed.


So when the Cotati three contained a 107 I was delighted.  But… it was missing the tranny, ball joints, the tie rods, the roof and windows.  Now a tranny we could pull from any car, the tie rods and ball joints too, but a 107 top and upper windows are just not that common.  The Pick-up truck roof would be nearly impossible to find -- we would have to import it.


So the olive green 107 sits, full of oak leaves, a piece of masonite as its roof, waiting. Now just as Roo wants to get one of the 80's running, I want work on the 107.  But such is life, many things to do and little time and how important is a 107 to my life right now compared to …  but one day at the Paly All Brit a man drove up in a 107 with hay in the back and a cowboy hat on--in Palo Alto--a suburb next to a Nordstroms.  It looked so good I thought, some day...

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