Alternators & Generators:

Original Material:  Generator and Regulator
In all truth, I have had an alright time with the original stock.   For many years I ran Littlecar with the original generator (partially rebuilt) and a Japanese copy regulator.  It worked fine but did not run the Hella headlamps with "authority."   New generators, as well as rebuild kits are available but don't forget that the problem may lie in the regulator instead.  It can sometimes be difficult to troubleshoot these issues and find the actual source of the problem.

Rover or Lucas does make an alternator that is available.  I'm sure this works well but the cost seems a bit prohibitive.  I can't remember if it also requires a separate regulator.

Delco Alternators:
I am a fervent supporter of keeping LandRovers as original as possible and do not usually subscribe to the non original replacement schemes.  But...  in the case of alternators I make a large exception.  The world has changed and changed for the better.  The Delco have a built in regulator, cost about $40 rebuilt with a core swap, and are available everywhere.  With a little bushman mechanics, I have found a very simple conversion method to install a Delco alternator into a LandRover with out any structural modifications to the rover parts or the wiring system.  This means that the original generator can be dropped back in at any point -- no harm no foul.  That's how I like it.

WARNING:  Be very careful with instructions from the net--there seems to be a lot of misinformation out there regarding conversion, where people make the issue more complicated then it should be and suggest you cut out and modify a great deal of the wiring and parts.  The internet is no better than dumpster diving.  Don't believe everything you read.

See Mechanical Tips or Roo's Delco Alternator Conversion for more information.

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