Mice can reek havoc on Old Rovers.  They enjoy nesting behind the seats and prefer the fiber used as door and seat stuffing to make nests.  With RatsNest a mean little bugger squeezed behind the dash through the old style defroster tube holes and ate all the red wiring.  Not once but twice! (Warning--mice apparently prefer the red wiring--after two successive replacements we suggest using another color like .... blue.)

The worst story yet comes from RatsNest where a confused mouse entered the passenger-side door frame channel through a rusthole and in the cramped space could not turn around.  He walked all the way up to the door top before getting stuck and passing away.  It took extraordinary measures just to locate the source of the smell, little yet remove him.  Write in if you have this specialized problem and we'll help.

Sorry, I digress.  Solutions again are the deacon poison but for environmental reasons this is not the suggested prevention technique.  We like those anti rodent high pitched sound production boxes available mail order of though Orchard Supply Hardware.

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