Sticking Clutches:

Symptoms:  After not driving your Rover for awhile, you get in and no clutch!  Pumping the clutch pedal will not help so its not the clutch hydraulics (visually check under the car and the clutch slave should still be activating).  What's likely happened is the clutch disk has "welded" itself onto the Flywheel and when released is not floating lose.  You must break it free.

Breaking a Stuck Clutch Free Fix-It Procedure:

Step 0: Speak softy to your Rover.  Remind it how much you love it and that it is the only car you will never sell.   Remind it how fun it is to drive and not to be jealous of the other cars in your driveway (especially if there are other Rovers).

Step 1: Start the car up in neutral and warm up the engine for several minutes.  Then shut the car off.

Step 2: Put the rover in low gear range first (or reverse but this is not as good).

DANGER -- Start the rover up!  -- DANGER:
You obvious need a lot of room to do this where you will not crash into anything.  Be smart here and push the car if you have to get it into an area where you can maneuver.  Stopping is only possible by jamming on the breaks and turning the ignition off.

Step 3: Alight, now your moving at that LandRover pace!  The object is to jerk or snap the clutch free by jerking or snapping the entire car.  To do this: while holding the clutch depressed to the floor, quickly floor the car and immediately let all the way off the accelerator.  Continue this action jerking the rover until the clutch breaks free.

WARNING:  This action is putting a tremendous amount of strain on the drive train  --that is how it allows you to break the clutch free.  It consequently is also an excellent way to break axle half shafts, difts etc.  Moderation is the key.  Start slow and then work your way up to more aggressive jerking of the car.  Try second gear if first does not work.

Step 4: Try the jerking again if your fail.  This time while the clutch is down also jam on the breaks till the car almost stalls.  If this fails try again.  Your don't want to have to do Step 5.  Trust me we've been there.

Step 5: Go back to Step 4.  Try it again.  Really.  If not, get out the hoist and unbolt the roof cause your going to pull the tranny and remove the clutch.

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