Weather Stripping:

Weather stripping is a really tough one that I am particularly unhappy about.  I have yet to find a really successful solution so if the water leaks are not yet causing rust or other damage live with it.  Take full confidence in the fact that the weatherstripping leaks on almost all rovers--probably even when new--though I am not old enough to remember.

2 General Types:
Currently I am aware of two general types of weather stripping, the glue on type and the more original pop rivet type.  There is a substantial cost difference between the two and thus decisions need to be made.  I assumed it would be difficult to bend the weatherstriiping along that Rover side curve and even messier to hold it in place with the glue set.  Thus not being one for the Elephant Snot Glue I went with the more original stuff.

Regardless you need to drill out all the pop rivets holding the original in.  I tend to drill it 1/2 way out from the rubber side and then punch the pop rivet heads out with a nail punch.  This prevents me from slipping off center and drilling the rover --  a drill bit slightly smaller than 3/16 or .1875 can also be used.

Then you need to install the new stuff.  Good luck with the glue, go read someone elseís web site for that.  I have not mastered this technique yet.

For the pop rivet stuff the sad fact of the matter is that the weatherstripping  I bought fit terribly.  Lengths were not cut right and the holes don't line up.  Test fit the pieces first and remember the overlapping order before you remove the old pieces.  I suggest drilling the weather stripping to match the car and not vice versa though this would be much easier.  I clamped it in place to help as I went along.  In the end, I got it installed fairly well only to find that the weatherstipping did not fold back on itself well enough.  People said it would "take a set" and lay flat but mine still really hasn't.  In fact the door still doesn't really close that well even after readjusting the hinges and latch.  The weather stripping form a very open U instead of a C and actually tends to fold flat open at the inside of the door.  Iíll update you all later if any changes appear.

Good Luck.  All I can say is that I remind you of my cardinal Rover rule:

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
(And when I mean broke, I mean not running broke.)

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