Costa Rican LandRovers:

Summer of  1998 my friend Carla and I spent two weeks hiking, swimming, and sunbathing on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica.  The Osa Peninsula is located on the southern most tip of Costa Rica's west coast, just above Panama.  Its virgin Raninforest is now a center for eco-tourism but the area is still relatively remote for Costa Rica.  Spider monkeys, Howler monkeys, scarlet mackaws, termites, and posion frogs abound.  If you look closely, you can even see the odd LandRover!

One terribly rainy stormy night, I almost broke down into tears as we returned to our lodging from a birthday party.  The roads were mud soup, and as our little group of drunken partygoers wallowed back on foot, a couple from the party passed us, sloshing cheerfully along in their beautiful white Series III.  Only Carla knew my inner torment at that moment.  What a life it must be to live in a remote area of Costa Rica and bounce around in a LandRover.  (Life as the significant other of a LandRover Addict can be challenging.)  Just wait honey, you'll get to wallow in the mud soon...

Puerto Jiménez Series III,109 5 Door Wagon.
Heavily loaded  with passengers.  Notice the striped paint
job with white sides and matching color roof.

San José Series IIA 88" Wagon.
Notice again the striped paint job.

Another San José Series IIA 88" Wagon.

Costa Rican Placks.

110  in a Parking Garage.


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