LandRovers Abroad:

Travel for a LandRover enthusiast is a doubly wonderful thing because in addition to experiencing the diversity of foreign cultures, you also get to experience strangeness of foreign LandRovers!  Every time Da and I go abroad we photograph exotic sites as well as the terribly exotic LandRovers that inhabit them.  It has gotten to a point now where we do not even really have to travel since close friends, understanding our addiction, will photograph LandRovers for us.  Foreign LandRovers are fascinating because just as there are a thousand ways to skin a cat, there seem to be a thousand ways to personalize, customize, and modify your LandRover.  The following are a collection of LandRover-only photos from abroad (don't worry, its not our entire vacation).

The Fatherland:  England  (1994)

Down Under:  Fiji, Australia and New Zealand  (1996)

Costa Rica  (1998)

  Indonesia  (1999)

   Maui, Hawaii  (1999)

  The FatherLand II:  Search for the 101FC  (1999)

OrianPeters:  Costa Rica

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