Indonesian LandRovers:

In July and August of 1999, I went with an old college friend to Indonesia.  We started in Bali but quickly left to travel in Java and Suliwesi.  Though landrovers are somewhat sparse, I was able to grab a few shots here and there.  I will never forgive myself for missing a running-gearless 109 5 Door being used as a chicken coop in someone's front yard.  My Camera was just not that fast shooting out of the side of an overloaded speeding bus.  Indonesia is wonderful and I hope to return sometime... maybe even in a LandRover.  (We also love to hear from our Indonesian readers so write in!)

Series III 88" Near Sanur in Bali

Series IIA Restored 88" Station Wagon on the
Road from Denpasar to Gilamanuk

Military Series III 109 Softop Somewhere on Java

Series II 88" Softop in Yogyakarta, Java

A Modification:
101 Style Internal Break Reservoir

90, Yogyakarta, Java

109 5 Door Wagon. Yogyakarta, Java

Series IIA 109 5 Door Undergoing a Restoration, Sulawesi

Caught By the Proud Owner Who loved to Chat

109 2 Door at the Local Garage, Sulawesi

A Nice IIA Pick-Up Requiring Alot of Love, Sulawesi


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